Tangasseri Lighthouse Kollam Kerala

Tangasseri Lighthouse in Kollam is the second tallest lighthouse in Kerala coast.

Thangassery Lighthouse is situated at Tangasseri in Kollam city of the Indian state of Kerala. It is one of the two lighthouses in the Kollam Metropolitan Area and is maintained by the Cochin Directorate General of Lighthouses and Lightships.

Tangasseri lighthouse in kollam kerala

In operation since 1902, the cylindrical lighthouse tower painted with white and red oblique bands has a height of 41 metres (135 ft), making it the second tallest lighthouse in Kerala coast. Tangasseri Lighthouse is one of the most visited lighthouses in Kerala.

Prior to construction of the lighthouse, the British East India company had installed a tower with an oil lamp. In 1902 the present Tangasseri Lighthouse was completed, which by 1930 had suffered cracks in the tower that required jacketing masonry to be installed.

In 2016, the Tangasseri Lighthouse got an elevator facility for its visitors.

The lighthouse is located on the coast at Tangasseri in Kollam city and is the one of the locations in India that still maintains Anglo-Indian culture. Tangasseri is home to remnants of an ancient Portuguese built coastal defence, the St Thomas Fort, a Portuguese Cemetery, a canal, the ancient Port of Quilon and the Infant Jesus Cathedral.

Best Time to Visit

The best time to visit Tangasseri Lighthouse is in winters as the weather will be cool and pleasent. Try to visit between the month of November to March.

Light House Visiting Hours

Saturday to Sunday:
Morning hours:10 am - 1 pm
Evening hours: 2 pm - 6 pm
Monday - Closed

Thangassery Light House Entry Fee

Adults: Rs 20
Camera: Rs 10
Mobile camera: Rs 10

Address: Thangassery Rd, Valiazhikom, Thangasherry East, Thangassery, Kollam, Kerala 691007

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